Gut Decision Synbiotic Fights Belly Bloat

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Have you tried popping probiotic supplements to help with gut issues, but you just can’t seem to beat the bloat? Men, it’s not your fault. Few people know that probiotics need more help than many products offer. Synbiotics combine both prebiotics and probiotics, but you can't stop there. That’s why we’ve formulated our new Gut Decision with a powerful formula of pre/post/probiotics and phages to help support optimal gut health.

Gut Decision contains a unique, patent-pending blend of probiotics, pre- and postbiotics, and biophages to support ease from occasional gastrointestinal symptoms. This premium supplement offers a comprehensive solution to men’s gut health — including lessening indigestion, gas, bloating, and irregularity. No other product provides a complete range of gut health-supporting ingredients, all at clinically-tested levels.


Unhealthy Gut Bacteria Are Behind Your Bloat

Your gut microbiome is home to trillions of microorganisms living in your stomach and intestines.1 Some of these bacteria are beneficial, while others may be harmful. Keeping just the right balance of good and bad bacteria is key to maintaining your gut health.

When gut dysbiosis occurs, the harmonious balance between your bacteria is disrupted.1 Without the right bacteria, the foods you’re eating just add fuel to a growing fire.2 You may start feeling more bloated and gassy, or run into some troubles in the bathroom. Intimate moments quickly turn awkward and embarrassing with your special someone — not to mention the smells. Less than pleasant.

For a quick fix, you may turn to treatments that only address your symptoms — not the root of your problem. Laxatives can temporarily relieve constipation and antacids can help with indigestion to an extent. However, these solutions can also disrupt your natural gut microbiome, leaving behind more problems than they solve.3,4

So how do you restore the delicate balance in your digestive system? Make the right decision, and get Gut Decision today.


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What Makes Gut Decision Unique?

Most digestive supplements brag about the benefits of probiotics but offer no way to support them once they enter your body. Gut Decision isn’t your average probiotic — we’ve gone a step further to ensure our handpicked ingredients can get the job done.

Gut Decision Is Packed With Powerful Probiotics

Probiotics are the team captain in Gut Decision. Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria are a key part of a healthy gut microbiome. As one of the most commonly used probiotics, L. acidophilus helps break down food in your intestines and supports healthy bacterial growth.5 This beneficial microbe also produces hydrogen peroxide and lactic acid, creating an acidic environment to keep “bad bacteria” at bay. Gut Decision is formulated with DDS-1™ L. acidophilus, which has been shown in studies to flourish in the gut microbiome, supporting healthy digestion and immune system function.6

Our cutting-edge product also contains Lactobacillus rhamnosus, a naturally occurring gut bacterium known to play a role in supporting overall health. A heat-deactivated or tyndallized version of L. rhamnosus is found in Gut Decision, which enhances its shelf life. Studies show that L. rhamnosus promotes healthy levels of beneficial gut bacteria and supports gut barrier function.7


Unlike Other Supplements, Gut Decision Supports Probiotic Growth With Pre- and Postbiotics

Probiotics aren’t just a one-man show — they need extra support to be as effective as possible. Prebiotics are the fuel source for probiotics. In our diets, foods high in fiber like whole grains and beans are broken down into useful substances for probiotic bacteria.8

After your digestive system breaks down prebiotics and probiotics, extra waste products are left behind — known as postbiotics. According to physicians at Harvard Health, useful postbiotics include amino acids, vitamins K and B, and specialized protein fragments known as antimicrobial peptides that lessen harmful bacterial growth.8

To set the probiotics found in Gut Decision up for success, we’ve added BetaVia™ Pure, an algae-based beta-glucan prebiotic/postbiotic. Beta-glucans are biologically active fibers (polysaccharides) found in algae cell walls. They act as an energy source to support healthy gastrointestinal bacterial growth and immune system function. Once your gut bacteria break down the beta-glucan fibers, they can also act as a postbiotic.9

Gut Decision One of the First Products Made With Biophages

“The best offense is a good defense.” But we’re not talking about football — we’re talking about defending your healthy gut bacteria from potentially harmful ones. Just like us, bacteria can also become infected with viruses. These viruses or phages can support healthy bacterial growth in your digestive tract.10 As one of the first products formulated with Digesse™ Select Phages, Gut Decision is a game-changer for your gut health.

What Can Gut Decision Do For You?

Now that we’ve laid out the beneficial ingredients in Gut Decision, let’s review its key benefits:

● Supports a favorable intestinal environment and healthy bacterial population
● Supports healthy digestion and gut comfort
● Promotes healthy bowel movements and stool consistency
● Enhances gut immunity and function

So, how do you know Gut Decision is the right choice for you? Check out some testimonials from other folks like you who were tired of the bloating, gut discomfort, and indigestion.

  • “I am someone who generally bloats after every meal and I do struggle with digestion. I will say my bloating has definitely subsided after about 1 to 2 weeks of taking these every day!” Verified customer, Age 20s
  • “This product has evened out the gut discomfort I was experiencing. I travel with it! Thank you!” Verified customer, Age 70s
  • “I’m honestly surprised by this supplement! I was recommended this product by a friend who purchased this and told me I would love it and needed to give it a try. I was skeptical at first since I am a type 1 diabetic and I do suffer from GI issues and bloat easily as well. It’s been a little over 3 weeks now and I can say my gut has felt better after meals, I haven’t had bloating like I used to frequently, and I honestly feel healthier.” Verified customer, Age 30s

Ready to be #1 at going #2? Try Gut Decision today and experience the results.


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