The Science of Strong Circulation For Men

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A man's body is composed of powerful organs, muscles, bones, and systems (e.g., nervous, immune, respiratory) that require a rich supply of oxygen and nutrients to remain fully functional. Optimal whole-body circulation of oxygen-rich blood that delivers ample amounts of nutrients to vital areas depends on proper blood flow.

A key compound that optimizes this process by causing blood vessels to expand is nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for a number of additional effects on the circulatory system, but its most significant influence is on vasodilation, which refers to increasing the diameter of blood vessels in order to promote better blood circulation.

Nitric oxide production also ensures that sufficient amounts of blood, oxygen, and nutrients can travel throughout the entire body efficiently by monitoring when changes in blood flow become necessary. For instance, a serious injury can lead to tissue damage, requiring more nutrient-rich blood to travel toward the injury site. In such cases, nitric oxide activity increases to signal that heightened vasodilation (blood vessel expansion) is needed at the injury site.

This signaling pathway also promotes the proper circulation of beneficial healing compounds (e.g., enzymes, proteins) toward the injury site. It also promotes the removal of harmful agents such as proinflammatory proteins away from the site of the tissue damage. Accordingly, abnormal nitric oxide activity is associated with various types of cardiovascular issues (e.g., high blood pressure) as well as other health problems such as diabetes and erectile dysfunction. There are a number of nutrients that support the production of nitric oxide and in doing so, reduce the risk of developing circulation-related complications.

Beneficial Nutrients for Strong Circulation

Research has repeatedly shown that maintaining healthy levels of potassium nitrate through dietary intake supports optimal levels of nitric oxide because the body converts nitrates into nitric oxide. Consuming this mineral electrolyte regularly is vital because inadequate nitric oxide production negatively alters the body’s ability to absorb, metabolize, and transport other nutrients (e.g., proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates).

Consuming nitrate-rich foods such as spinach, arugula, beetroot, lettuce, and celery, or a supplement that contains potassium nitrate, supports proper circulation as well as healthy blood pressure levels by influencing nitric oxide activity.

Antioxidants are also important for circulation as they protect nitric oxide, which breaks down quickly after it enters the bloodstream. This means the body has to constantly replenish nitric oxide levels. Free radical (toxin) formation, along with oxidative stress that can develop in the presence of accumulating free radicals, contributes to the rapid breakdown of nitric oxide in the blood. Antioxidants help prevent this by targeting free radicals.

Vitamin C is a well-known antioxidant that supports nitric oxide activity by promoting the destruction of free radicals. The formation of nitric oxide involves the joint activity of specific proteins and enzymes that help the body convert nitrates or amino acids (e.g., L-arginine, L-citrulline) into nitric oxide. Studies show that vitamin C boosts the activity of the enzyme that plays a role in the formation of nitric oxide by protecting amino acids, proteins, and nitrates from being degraded by free radicals.

Selenium is another powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize excess free radicals that can alter the formation of nitric oxide. The body needs a daily supply of selenium because a deficiency of this mineral is associated with reduced nitric oxide activity, red blood cell damage, anemia, and other health problems. Foods that are rich in selenium include seafood, Brazil nuts, and dairy. Research shows that consuming nitrates (e.g., potassium nitrate) with antioxidants helps the body maintain higher levels of nitric oxide by decreasing its breakdown.

Nitric Oxide and Nutrient Absorption

Intestinal cells have several functions that include enabling the digestion of food, facilitating nutrient absorption, and acting as a protective barrier that prevents toxins or pathogens from entering the body. If intestinal cells become damaged, harmful bacteria, allergens, viral particles, and toxins can travel into the bloodstream where they can lead to different types of ailments. The optimal function and maintenance of intestinal cells is vital toward sustaining health. Fortunately, in addition to supporting proper blood flow, the production of nitric oxide regulates intestinal cell activity.

Nitric oxide has protective properties that disrupt the degradation of proteins and healthy fat by scavenging toxins that can destroy these essential nutrients. This enhances the body’s ability to send ample amounts of nutrients where they are needed the most. The gastrointestinal tract also contains specific structures called tight junctions that allow digested nutrients to pass into the bloodstream, while blocking harmful agents. The intestines subsequently facilitate the removal of toxins, etc., through the urine and stool. This is an important circulatory process that ensures the transfer of nutrient-rich blood. However, if the tight junctions become damaged, pathogens and toxic agents can travel into the body.

Nitric oxide demonstrates a protective role in intestinal barrier function by stabilizing the structure of proteins that make up strong tight junctions. This health benefit appears to be linked to nitric oxide's ability to promote oxygen and nutrient transport to intestinal cells by regulating blood flow.

For men, nitric oxide does much more than enhance nutrient absorption, it also supports healthy erectile function by ensuring sufficient blood flow into the penis when a man becomes aroused. Therefore, a diet that supplies regular nitric oxide-producing agents is critical for men’s health.

The Science in a Supplement

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