Erectile Dysfunction Surrounding Millennial: Things You Didn't Know

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a rising problem not only to aged men but also to so-called "millennials".

Millennials or "Generation Y" are those people born in 1981 to 2000, there are studies now that even millennials have "low-batt". At early age, they are experiencing erectile dysfunction, a growing number of young men whose chief complaint is the inability to get and keep erection firm enough to satisfy sexual intercourse.

Common reasons why erectile dysfunction a rising problem among millennial

One of the reasons Erectile Dysfunction is becoming common in millennials is too much exposure to pornography. Millennials are born when technology is prevalent that it's easy for them to see pornography up to their gadgets. The problem here is when one is masturbating while watching pornography. Frequent masturbation while watching pornography makes it more difficult for some men to get an erection when the opportunity for real intimacy arises. Men and women who masturbate often become accustomed to certain touch whether it's vibration or your hand, thus, getting and keeping erection when making love is a struggle.

Does masturbation cause inability to ejaculate?

If not ED, it might be harder for men who's used to do masturbating to have orgasm. Although not entirely the case but is one of the reasons, because men with self-pleasuring routine in a particular hard way sometimes have difficulty climaxing during intercourse because real sex doesn't feel the same way.

Other factors causing ED among millennials

Unlike older men, ED of millennials are more related to psychology. Erectile dysfunction in older men could be caused by chronic illness like diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and a lot of bad habits. Younger generation however, according to studies, it's more psychogenic or psychological.

Common psychological cases

Common psychological cases causing ED among millennials are stress, anxiety and depression. The need for instant pleasure is their norm and the world doesn't work the same way they expect, thus, making them vulnerable to frustration and resentment. Most of them develop self pity and insecurity. These kinds of psychological state often lead to stress, anxiety and depression that hugely affects sexual performance. So doctors recommend that millennials who experience Erectile Dysfunction to see urologist first who can refer them to psychologist. Therapies will help them accept failures and frustrations turning their self-confidence back up and stabilize their mental health.

Contribution of unhealthy lifestyle

Aside from pornography and psychology, ED also has unhealthy lifestyle reasons such

as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, excessive eating, and especially using illegal drugs. Today, multiple studies have shown a significant rise of erectile dysfunction incidence. According to the Swiss study, young men between the ages of 18-25, 30 percent of men suffer some degree of ED. There is a broader and wider study of nearly 28,000 men, they found out that 8 percent of those in their twenties suffer erectile dysfunction, eleven percent of those in the thirties also have ED.

Other illness causing ed

Men with thyroid disease can also experience ED, have spinal cord injury, and experience epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Even those taking antidepressants, antipsychotics, and even antihistamines may experience ED. There is also a type of medical condition that increases the chances of having ED. Klinefelter syndrome is a genetic disorder, a man can carry one or more extra chromosomes, this can cause a person to have erectile dysfunction, you're a man but you have enlarged breasts and your testicles are small and you have little to no androgen production.

These are just some of the factors causing millennials to suffer ED, but problems exist to be solved. If addressed well at early stage, coping up with ED problem is not as hard especially if you have strong support system from your love ones. The only way this generation can help millennials face this problem is by encouraging them to open up, talk about it without social judgement and jest and ask professional help. Provide venue where they can easily talk about these issues and give them the right people or professionals that understand them and help them solve this problem.

Final advice

Expert always advice millennials to have appropriate prescription from doctors for drugs they take to properly address and treat ED. Male enhancers are very dangerous to your health especially when taken with alcohol and other illicit drinks or foods. Always choose the best and natural treatment for you, make sure that what you chose doesn't give you any side effects and complications.