Tongkat Ali in Green Lumber

Tongkat Ali branch


It has many labels: Ali’s Walking Stick, Ali's Umbrella, and Longjack to name a few. With these nicknames, and its ability to grow 30 feet tall on a long, slender stalk, you can probably guess that Eurycoma longifolia has a reputation for enhancing virility. This herb possesses abilities that support better performance in many endeavors. 

Tongkat Ali, otherwise known as “Malaysian Ginseng,” has a variety of traditional medicinal uses, from improving mental and physical health to increasing overall quality of life. The extract has also been found to be safe and effective, labeled a Category 5 (extremely safe) by the United Nations Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Tongkat Ali has been used for many years to improve overall men’s health, increase stamina, and support androgen production. 


Traditional Use

Tongkat Ali’s use dates back centuries to Southeast Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Vietnam) where it was used for promoting general well-being and addressing many other health concerns.   

Traditional Uses

  • Fever reducer
  • Antimalarial
  • Antimicrobial
  • Antidiabetic (to regulate blood sugar)
  • Mood booster
  • Aphrodisiac


Energy and Stamina

You’re pushing it hard on your workouts, things at work are an ongoing nightmare as usual, and the world is pretty stressful these days. You haven’t slept well in months, and you’re about to crash. When the body endures mental and physical stress in everyday life, especially over time, it becomes run down and exhausted. Tongkat Ali is known to help the body recover from events that drain its energy, providing the stamina and endurance needed to perform at optimal levels.


Androgen Production

Unlike other treatments, which stimulate the production of testosterone, Tongkat Ali helps the body “free” up already present testosterone that is bound to another molecule so it can readily be used. This makes it ideal for men who want to avoid the side effects that can come with synthetic hormones. In addition to balancing testosterone, Tongkat Ali can improve male hormone profiles by reducing excess cortisol release.


The Green Lumber Formula

Tongkat Ali is part of the unique Green Lumber All-Natural Fuel for Men based on traditional formulations. In concert with other ingredients, its benefits could hold the key to enhancing overall health for men looking to gain that extra edge.



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