2019 Guide To Overcome Men's Poor Sexual Health That Is Affecting Their Confidence

Understanding how men’s poor sexual health affects self-confidence

People always assume that when making love, men are more aggressive, active, or “always in the mood”. But the fact is countless men experience  low sex drive, on top of that, a lot of them choose not to talk about it. In a world where men worry so much to live up to his social image of “masculinity”, men with low sex drive opt to hide their condition because of pride, or they have low self-esteem. Well, maybe some are just simply not too confident to talk about it.

Considering this, we must understand and accept that decreased sex drive may indicate deeper physical or psychological problem, therefore, it must be confronted and treated head on.

Factors causing men’s poor sexual health

Low androgen production

Men’s poor sexual health might mean low androgen production. Men’s body experience low androgen production when his body has low level of sex hormones. According to studies, this condition usually happen to men in their 30’s and sometimes this condition indicates a more complicated illness. Androgens are sex hormones responsible for men’s features and reproduction. This includes the production of testosterone. Deficiency or low androgen production affect man’s sex drive, sperm production, or prostate gland function. He might also experience symptoms like depression, increase in body weight or body fat, loss of hair, weaker erections, weaker orgasms, reduction in the production of sperm among others.

Stress causes poor sexual health

Another possible reason why men experience low libido is stress. Hormones basically affect our bodies in numerous ways from childhood to adolescence and beyond. When stress strikes significant amount of cortisol produced by our body, our body need this hormone, but in small doses for short period of time. If increased levels of cortisol is produced for a long period of time, this suppresses sex hormones. Lower quantity of sex hormones equals lower libido so means  poor sexual health.

Sleeping problems or depression & sexual health

Anxiety, low self-esteem, and guilt are common causes of erectile dysfunction. These are all symptoms of depression, but such issues can also occur naturally with stress and age. Taking antidepressants to treat depression can lower testosterone production, thus, means poor sexual health.

Chronic illness causes poor sexual health.

Chronic illness like obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart, kidney or liver problems are major cause of poor sexual health. Many men who struggle with different types of sexual challenges in the context of a relatively healthy life, those who are living with, some sort of chronic illness have issues of sexual function — foreplay, intercourse, and intimacy in general — it may not be a priority during the time of diagnosis, or even during one's initial management of this health issue but it sure will become so eventually.

Aging cause poor sexual health

We all want and need to be close to others especially our partner. As we age, many of us wants to continue to have satisfying sex life, however we may face some changes that inevitably affects our our sexual performance. Normal aging brings physical changes to both men and women. This changes sometimes affect one’s ability to have and enjoy sex. As men gets older, impotence is more common. Impotence is the loss of ability to have and keep erection hard enough to perform sexual intercourse.

Poor mental health affecting sexual health

Poor mental health also affect men’s sex drive. Low self-esteem can affect men’s confidence, and in turn affects his emotional health. Insecurities can make a man think that he is unattractive, ugly, undesirable, this can affect how he interacts sexually. If this worsens, decreased sex drive can become an erectile dysfunction. Not only does this affect men but also creates tension between partners.

In marriage, if the husband is suffering from low androgen production, the wife’s sexual needs might not be met. She also might feel unloved or unimportant. The husband, who loves his wife dearly,  will start to question himself for not getting his wife sexually satisfied. This affects his self esteem and self confidence and just makes his condition worse. If these problems are not addressed properly, relationships, marriages might be sacrificed.

The good news is, there are several ways to fix this problem.


First on the list is to accept that low sex drives do exist in some partners and in marriages. If the couple is able to mutually accept each other’s conditions and arrive at a certain understanding, the next smartest move is to step up and heal.

Seek professional help

Seek the advice of a professional to know what are the available medical remedies for low androgen production. Consult a doctor to check your overall health status.

Shift to a healthy lifestyle

The best option to increase androgen production and spice up their sex drive is to opt for a healthy lifestyle. Some of these include exercising, eating proper diet and avoiding alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes can help prep the person embody a positive outlook. This can create changes in the person’s emotional and mental state. Taking good care of the body like getting enough sleep, maintaining balanced diet and an active lifestyle are also proven ways to help increase androgen production and self-confidence as well.

Natural supplements

Taking vitamins and supplements which are all natural and organic also helps make the body healthy. Herbs like tongkat ali, panax ginseng that are found in products like Green Lumber are traditional medicinal plants used for centuries are proven to help increase libido, energy improve sex drive and improve a person’s health. Also look for products that contain olive oil extract which contains healthy fats and boost testosterone. Luckily, Green Lumber has all of these ingredients. This product is a 100% natural blend that helps increase androgen production.


To sum up, we should fight the stigma of poor sexual health in men. More than anything, a person’s health is more important than our fear of judgement. Remember, a healthy body means a healthy mind, and a healthy mind means a healthy heart!